Quiet raindrops against my window…

13 Sep

…sometimes it bangs against my roof.
Seems like all I’ve been hearing this summer is the sound of water coming down from the sky. To be honest it’s one of my favorite types of weather, but when it rains the whole time for what might be your last long summer holiday ever, it’s kind of sad. Been trying to get all these projects ready before I move to London in less than a week. And I’m getting there. But that means the Makingthingsgirl hasn’t had much time to make things. Well, I’m making things, but of the more boring sort. I’m just about finishing up a website for a local transport company, I’ve fixed quite a few garments for people and now I am about to start making new dreads again. I gave myself a side cut, to prepare for less dreads this time.
So, what have I made? I’ve helped my brother build a bbq hut at our cabin… I’ve done a couple of drawings. Started a new sketch book. I made a billion new ideas in my head. Slowly getting them all down on paper. I started preparing for my final bachelor project, my portfolio. That involves a whole new profile for myself, new logo, new type, new everything. It also involves a lot of research. Books on portfolios are ready to be read, typefaces ready to be explored. I think I might even have found the one. Type that is.
The next thing I have to make other than hair, is my mind up. About what to bring, or not bring to London. I am leaning towards the minimal packing. For the first time ever. I’ll be on my own. With a suitcase, my laptop and a camera.
I guess I should make a blog just for the trip.
I’ll miss my dogs. And my nephew.


Lazy (busy) summer and tentacle madness

23 Aug

I’ve had a completely different summer than what I expected. What I thought was going to be a very long, event less drag of a summer has turned out to be quite hectic and fun. The only bad thing is I have not had time to do as many of my planned project yet. Just thought I’d add a small update, or summary rather.

I’ve helped my brothers girl finish their new amazingly cozy veranda while he was away for a week. That ended up in many chilled nights with a cold one or a nice glass of wine. Then I redid my parents bedroom along with cleaning and organizing their garage while they were on holiday. It was a very welcomed surprise when they got home. I have no pictures as of yet, cuz I’ve been busy, but let’s say it was an unbelievable transformation. I started off with pine, pine and more pine. Now there is no pine in sight. So fresh and warm and welcoming and airy at the same time.

I’ve actually sold a few pieces from my Shinies by SatAnne line. This is what they look like ready and boxed before shipping.

Shinies in Box with Logo

Then I stayed a week in the hi Norwegian mountains hiking and fishing. What an eye opening, relaxing amazing trip! And I beat my trout record! Here’s a pic of the smallest catch of the trip. The monster trout is in my brothers camera waiting to be transfered to my pc.

Little fishy makes Makingthingsgirl happy!

I will leave you with this for now. Tomorrow I have a meeting with a client about a website I am designing and coding for their company. Nothing very creative, but it’s work. And experience.

Oh, and one last note. Everything is settled for my London semester! I leave on the 19th of September. I am so excited I could grow wings! Central Saint Martins College of Art here I come!!!

Shinies by Satanne jewlery line

20 Jul

I’ve kinda gotten into making jewelry, and there’s been quite an interest in my work. Here’s a sneak peak of the logo I made for the collection. I need to take better photos of the actual jewelry, but there will be a tentacle post very soon!

Shinies by Satanne logo


Logo designed and developed by myself. That’s another thing I do. All part of the Makingthingsgirl!

Natural style synthetic dreads

20 Jul

It’s been a little while since I installed my dreads, but summer is busy so this is the first chance I’ve had to show them off on my noggin.

Natural Style Synth Dreads Summer 2011

Check out the lenght!

They are super long, and I feared that it would absolutely kill with all the weight. Turns out, they weren’t as bad as I thought. This time around I tried a different technique than usual, and I managed to make them long, and pretty light weight. It feels so good to have dreads again, after not wearing any for 3 years!

Faking dreads and baking cakes under the midnight light.

23 Jun

At the start of the week I had completely forgotten I invited a bunch of my friends to come stay this upcoming weekend. That’s why promises of new videos has yet to come true. All of a sudden I had a whole lot to prepare, and at the same time my Jack Russel “Seven” had his girlfriend over for 3 days. Making puppies is not an easy task.
Anyway, my hair has been a serious frustration for a while. I just can’t get happy with it. So, after a kind of mistaken shaving of the sides, I decided to make some dreads for myself. I’ve made hundreds of dreads since I started playing with synthetic hair about 10 years ago. This time I really wanted to achieve the natural style look, rather than the funky, colorful goth/rave look.

Before install they look like this:

Natural style dread kit, b4 install.

I am quite excited about these. It’s been at least 3 years since I last had dreads installed. I kinda miss it. “Normal” is just not rly me, no matter how many compliments I get I just don’t feel too comfy having nothing special going on with my hair. I’m in bed writing this, and can’t wait to get up and start getting these babies on my head.

Here’s a few of my dreads form a couple of years back.

When I’ve finished later on today, I am making the yummiest ice cream cake ever made!!! No lies. My Auntie gave me the recipe after I almost died of taste bud joy eating it at her place a couple of years ago. Many people, like myself suffer from food allergies, and therefore it’s sometimes hard to enjoy ice cream cakes. Why, you may ask? It’s because most cakes like that, including cheese cakes are made with some sort of nuts or almonds in the base. This cake has got neither, so I was very excited.

I’ll show you later on how it’s made, for now I will leave you with a hint of vanilla, cream cheese and crunchy caramel chocolate.

Happy midsummer! This is as bright as it gets!

Tentacles and typography.

20 Jun

Summer is here in Norway, and that means rain, rain and more rain. I am not a big fan,and misses the summers full of sunny days that I can remember as a kid. But, one good thing about rainy summers is all the time spent on projects indoors. With no guilt from not spending time outside.
Yesterday was no different, so while it was pouring down outside, I sat down with a few d.i.y projects. This ended up with a couple of tentacle pendants made from Fimo clay, and some doodles for a typography canvas I want to make. I also started to paint some tin cans that are gonna be turned into lanterns for my garden.
Firstly, here’s a view of my work station last night with all the projects lined up. I tend to work on more than one thing at once. The only time I can multitask is behind a bar making cocktails, or when I am d.i.y-ing.

My desk at 2 in the morning last night.

The quote on the left is from a song by the swedish artist Robyn. Not really my cup of tea when it comes to music, but I recognize myself a lot in what she sings sometimes. I guess that is gonna end up on the freshly painted black canvas there…

On to the tentacle pendants. I’m strangely fascinated by the Octopus. They are such amazing creatures. When I saw some jewelry made to look like their tentacles somewhere online (can’t remember where) I decided to have a go at making my own. These are the first two tentacles I ever made, all done up with suckers and everything.

Octopus tentacle pendant.

Pendants Octopus Tentacles

I was so happy with them I have now made a few more in different colors and shapes. I’ll post pics tomorrow. Same as the new video. My dog has his girlfriend visiting for a few days, and supervising these two little rascals is a full time job when the goal is to make babies.

Have a wonderfully strange day!

My Artwork

19 Jun

I figured I’d share some of my art.

Battle, acrylic on canvas

"Wisdom Bringer" pencil

"Cowned" pastels, watercolor and ink

More on my DevianArt